Do you need home insurance Maryland?

When people mention things like home insurance Maryland , some just laugh and think that nothing catastrophic will ever happen to their home. However, I think differently.

home insurance Maryland

I remember that as a girl, we had a wood burning stove in our home. We used it in the winter instead of the heating system, because it was less expensive and warmed better. Mom and Dad always warned us of the danger of playing with it, and we were constantly cleaning and taking care to keep it in good condition.

One night, we were all sleeping – the kids at least. Mom had put us down to sleep, and they were watching TV in their room.  Suddenly, we heard someone banging on the door. Very sharply knocking. It scared Mom, so Dad went to see what had happened. It was the police.

They ordered everyone outside. Suddenly, we heard sirens coming closer, and closer. Two fire engines, two ambulances, and three police cars showed up.

What was going on?

We were outside in our pajamas, very confused. Then, we saw it – smoke coming out of the chimney. Supposedly, one of the neighbors had seen flames coming out of the chimney, and worried that the house was catching fire, called the police.

The firemen entered, did a check in the attic and all parts of the house for fire. Then, they cleaned out the chimney and the stove. The house was a huge mess afterwards, but we were grateful that the neighbors and the firemen would care enough to help us out and keep us safe.

Now, the house was fine, and we were fine. But, what could have happened is what is the scariest part. We could have been left injured or without a house. And we didn’t have house insurance. We’d be in the street, or living with a family member, and probably unable to find another house in a long time.

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