Scent Bird Is a Huge Success

Perfume lovers are raving about Scent Bird, a new website that offers all the new and popular fragrances for a very affordable price. The most annoying part of shopping for a new fragrance is knowing that buying a whole bottle is your only option. The samples that they offer in stores and magazines are good for a single use in most cases so buying the whole bottle seems the only way to go. And you would be wrong.  Enter Scent Bird.

What Is It?

Rather than worrying about stealing the samples in the mall or biting the bullet on a risky purchase you may or may not regret later, you can cash in on the unique services that Scent Bird offers. By signing up for their subscription service you will be able to access over 450 different perfumes and colognes. That’s great and yet how is this any different than the mall or the magazine?

Unique Value

All the bottles that are sent through Scent Bird can hold 8ml (or about 120 sprays) of perfume which is about a full 30 days’ worth. This is a lot more fragrance for you to enjoy without worrying about over committing to something you might not like as much later. Men and women are sent either blue or pink bottles of their favorite colognes or perfumes and can change to a new bottle each month.

Scent Bird

Subscription Details

Those who love the service that Scent Bird offers can choose from the different levels of memberships. The subscription options that members can choose including:

·    1 month subscription for $14.95 may good for an initial first run, but the best value can be found as you increase to a multiple monthly contract.

·    3 month memberships run at $43.50

·    6 months are $84

·    The best value is for 12 months for $164 which is a discount of $16.

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